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Director of Sports Performance / NFL COMBINE

Jeremy Hills is The Director of Sports Performance. Jeremy founded The Factory (that would later merge with Onnit)  to pursue his dream of training the best athletes in the nation and having them at their peak performance year in and year out. With training centered around longevity as well as performance; Hills’ distinct and unconventional methods have been featured on ESPN, FOX Sports, USA Today, and more. His passion for sports and dedication to perfecting the craft is what drives him to constantly push his athletes in that same manner he lives by.

University of Texas at Austin, B.S. in Kinesiology and Health,

EXOS performance specialist

Vertimax Certified Master Trainer


Shaun Rutherford  

Assistant Director of NFL Combine

Shaun possesses a wealth of knowledge in the coaching and training arena. His experience as a collegiate athlete, as well as professional experience overseas, has afforded him with the opportunity to learn from the best.  It is through this hands-on instruction that he is able to make all lessons applicable to athletes.

Texas State University, B.S. In Exercise Sports Science Concordia University, M. Ed. In Sports Administration

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Jaxon Shipley

performance enhancement Specialist 

Jaxon is a former University of Texas & Arizona Cardinal wide receiver who specializes in speed development and football skill acquisition. He is driven by a wealth of experience and a passion to help athletes reach their potential. 

Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Health from the University of Texas.

EXOS performance specialist

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Cristian Plascencia   

Mobilty Specialist 

Recovery Modalities that would encompass breathing and movement techniques; complimented with cold  water and sauna techniques, that would assist in the longevity of ones career. Using specific mobility techniques, assess and act upon ones movement compensations. The same compensations that inflict future injury.Ground-based bodyweight movements that would increase movement capacity and overall improve performance on the field or court.

Exercise Science B.S.



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C.J. McFarland    

Head Strength & Conditioning Coach

A research driven coach who aspires to help athletes through customized programs focusing on targeted weaknesses and the biogenetic demands of their sport. These programs progress as more data is obtained and physiological adaptations are achieved. 

Exercise Science B.S.